Who Runs GC Inc.

Gardner Creative Inc. is managed and coordinated independently by Shaquana Gardner, the Founder & Chief Adaptive Creative Specialist.

Known on stage as Essentially Unique, by family as Quana, and by homies as Shaq, Shaquana is a growing seedling from the cracked concrete corners of the Big Apple, a jack of all trades extraordinaire, who is poised to embrace all that comes her way.

A long time educator, activist, artist, and dreamer, Shaquana brings over ten versatile and diverse years of nonprofit, political, educational and grassroots work, volunteer, intellectual and performance experience to her position as founder of GC Inc.

Functioning as the chief adaptive creative specialist, Shaquana works as the thinking machine on all consultations, offering her immaculate genius to all potential clients seeking insight, advice and understanding on their most esteemed aspirations.

Her experience in building, propelling and popularizing her personal and political blog, EverythingShaquana.com, further exemplifies her abilities to help build, expand and market the passions of others.