Founded in Los Angeles in April 2014, Gardner Creative Inc. was developed as a means to make the reality of each individual’s goals and destiny on this earth, become an actuality.

The company was incorporated from the same principles, which grounded our founder with the guts, determination and perseverance to launch, promote and succeed at being a young writer and new business owner.

The idea is simple. People want to do the things they were born and destined to do. They want to create music. They want to design inventions. They, we, want to lead nations, classrooms and successful businesses.  

But we have to make money in the NOW. And if, what we actually want to do doesn’t pay the bills in the NOW; well, in that case, it’s more difficult to attain.

That’s where GC Inc. comes in. We are masterminds of taking ideas and thoughts and impact-fully developing them into plausible tangible possibility.

We make it easy to fill out that school application you’ve been meaning to complete for weeks.  We can quickly write and/ or edit the grant proposal you’re in need of to take your budding nonprofit to the next level.

We simplify that big party you have to plan, on top of the job, family and personal life that you manage. We develop that business plan you need to finally jump-start your dream bakery. We get the job DONE!!